For over twenty years, Camugliano Agricultural Company has been operated using organic methods and is one of the first in Italy to specify on the label the plot of land on which the product was cultivated.

With great passion and dedication, this philosophy is applied to every type of crop, and the subsequent processing cycle takes place either within the company itself or in collaboration with small organic businesses such as the pasta factory or the olive mill. Great attention is given to the early harvest of olives.

Chickpeas and spelt, along with their packaging, also reflect our respect for the environment. The same applies to our flours, including the standout Buckwheat Flour, and to our pasta – strictly made from Ancient Cappelli Durum Wheat Semolina – milled in our artisanal mill located in Ponsacco, in the province of Pisa. The organic apricot jam, delicate and flavorful, is prepared at the Locanda without any added preservatives.

Our lands were once renowned for their vineyards, and historic cellars stand as a testament to this, with some of them partially restored to revive the glorious tradition of winemaking. The beehives located within the company produce organic wildflower honey, sunflower honey, and other varieties related to the seasonality of agricultural and wild productions in the area.

Our Organic Products